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Our New Store

Our New Store

The smart phone: Your modern telephone, calendar, contact book, atlas, newspaper, notepad, post office, camera and shopping cart, all wrapped into one. What a device… We agree! It can be truly convenient to reach into your pocket and access the globe. Yet, as our lives and society proceed to gain momentum with each new app release, we can’t help but pause and appreciate the moments that now make us stop in our tracks - A stranger who makes kind eye contact and holds the door open in front of you, the sound of birds singing to the early morning sun in spring, the unbridled laugh of a child as they pass a furry friend on the street, or the second your eyes meet something so beautiful and special that it takes your breath away.

At Alexandria Rossoff Antique Jewels and Rare Finds, that fleeting moment is what we love to capture and find most rewarding. We have the sincere honor of introducing friends to treasures that are destined to become the most integrally meaningful objects in their lives. The bond created by organic, in-person discovery is difficult to replicate, if not impossible, as it marks the very instant that stories entwine. Your reason for a celebrated visit to our store collides happily with a piece of jeweled art as it’s history, origins and craft are explored together.

We melt at the look on a friend’s face when a unique diamond or colored gemstone’s sparkle in an engagement ring accurately sums up the feelings of devotion, hope and vulnerability that are communicated through a proposal. We share joy in finding an earring that illuminates the color of a woman’s eyes or a necklace that helps her to feel empowered to take on whatever life’s road may bring when it’s placed upon her neck. We admire the hearts of those who are seeking to spread selfless gratitude through gifts for their loved ones. We find purpose in meeting you. Being a part of your story and the notion that Seattle has trusted us with these moments for years is a deep privilege that we cherish every day.

As you search through our website or look up our social media campaigns, we hope you’re able to feel our passion through our photographs and worded details. However, we do feel that the experience shared when you step foot in our door cannot be completely replaced with digital means. If you’re local or visiting Seattle, we encourage you to continue the adventure you’ve started and come visit our new store for your self. The journey started by discovering our treasures on a mobile platform is only the beginning. We can't wait for them to resonate in your hands as they did for us when we found them.

-Alexandria & Team

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