Eco Friendly Jewelry


We are here to help you make the best decisions to suit your needs, as we love to help you combine rare jewels with the opportunity to make a thoughtful purchase. One of the great benefits of choosing estate and antique jewelry is that it minimizes our eco footprint, and allows us to use our precious commodities with care. With pride, we bring this shopping option to you, as it is our objective to seamlessly blend enduring quality and beauty with that which already exists.

With a background in environmental science, Alexandria began her path with the earth in mind. As a professional gemologist and appraiser, she takes pride in minimizing her eco footprint by choosing jewelry that is out of the vintage, estate and antique markets. We feel specializing in this field of jewelry is a wonderful way to protect and recycle our precious resources, by offering you historical jewelry and gemstones that are entirely unique. The beauty of heralding tradition and workmanship combined with ultimate timeless jewelry is an ideal combination of discerning taste and an eco conscious choice.


Antique engagement rings combine sentimentality and the individuality of history, acting to recycle the beauty that already exists in our world. For many, the importance of choosing a socially and environmentally conscious engagement ring is high on the list of important qualities in finding the right ring to symbolize your lives together. The romance of an heirloom engagement ring seamlessly blends timeless traditions with the workmanship of remarkable antiques. Making a mindful choice is an empowering way to create a better tomorrow, and a wonderful way to symbolize the union of our past, present, and future.

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