Buy & Consign Services

We are happy to assist you in liquidating or exchanging your fine jewelry. We look for high quality pieces in excellent condition and offer both purchase and consignment as an option. Our emphasis is on fine antique jewelry in good condition, signed jewelry, older cut diamonds and colored gemstones.

If you are curious about the potential of selling your jewelry, we are happy to inspect your item either for purchase or consignment at no charge, and help you determine a fair market value price. If we are not interested in your item, we have far reaching resources to help you sell your items in the jewelry market or through auction.

We suggest that you make an appointment, and recommend emailing clear photos and any other relevant information beforehand to You will need to provide a driver’s license and sign an affidavit that it is your property free and clear to sell.

Consignment prices are agreed upon together to determine selling price and client will net 50% of the selling price with no additional fees.