Being a part of the jewelry community is an important part of being a successful appraiser; many accomplished appraisers and gemologists refer to each other as professional colleagues for insight and information. Alexandria’s 34 year focus on buying and selling in the antique and gemstone markets have given her additional experience in understanding current markets and pricing. She is often cited as a resource for independent appraisers.

Her credentials include Certified Gemologist Appraiser, which is a title earned from testing with both the American Gem Society and The Gemological Institute of America. She also has earned a second Appraising title with The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, and is a member of several historical jewelry societies.

A Word About Pre-Appraisals:

Sometimes our clients ask if our items are pre-appraised by independent appraisers before purchase. We are committed to the highest ethical standards in the industry, and we understand our inventory and have both gemological knowledge and the historical backgrounds of our jewelry.

The purpose of an appraisal is first and foremost to protect the owner in case of loss. Therefore your appraisal should always be prepared specifically for YOU, and have your name and address attached to it. If these pre-appraisals are purchased by store managers or owners, how objective and independent are these ‘independent appraisals’? If an item is valued over purchase price in order to make the customer feel like that have gotten a good value, ultimately the customer will end up paying unnecessarily inflated insurance premiums. Most insurance policies only replace with a like item rather than a cash settlement. Appraising societies do NOT endorse the use of pre-appraisals as selling tools.

Our commitment to our customers is to assist you in making an educated and confident decision with your purchases. We have a full gemological lab, and are happy to take the time and attention to assist you in making a meaningful and secure purchase.