Monthly Archives: July 2015

Welcome to our blog!

We are so excited to share with you our love and personal connection to jewelry.

One of the most rewarding aspects in collecting specialty and historical jewelry is that it combines a variance of knowledge, from the technical to the mythological, and all things in-between! In working with historical jewels, there is always something new to see, learn, and to discover, even with a lifetime in the business.

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Each gem has a multitude of stories, from its formation, to its design history, and then the story continues through you, or me, when we connect with a piece and bring it into our lives. Our search for treasure depends on the individuality and merit of each jewel. It is so gratifying to see all the cinderella moments that happen before our eyes when someone falls in love with a special piece of jewelry, and carries on its legacy. 

So please stay tuned for stories galore; we look forward to sharing our treasures and inspirations with you!

-Alexandria & Team